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Data Storage and offsite backup






Denver and Myrtle Beach Data Storage:

As critical corporate and personal data become more important to businesses the information stored in their computers become essential to daily functions. Many companies offer internal backup systems but leave their data inside their place of business. If the place of business is destroyed by fire, flood, or other disaster the data is lost. However, if the data is backed up offsite over the Internet, the data can be restored within minutes. Hotels, vacation properties, beach front resorts, golf courses, and small business of all types need protection. If the hard drive crashes, what are your data storage solutions?

Vital Data Systems, LLC strives to provide small and mid-sized enterprises with the most secure and dependable offsite data storage and backup protection available today. We deliver best of breed data protection using IBM Tivoli Storage Manager software. We offer dependability by hosting our customerís data in two geographically remote data storage centers, one in Denver, Colorado and another in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Offices in Myrtle Beach South Carolina and Denver, Colorado.

Vital Data Systems LLC   1-800-660-9760

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